hospital horror stories

While changing the trach, the patient gave me a demon stare the whole time. The stories below will freak you out so it's best to read these with someone. 1. It replayed about 7-8 times over the duration of my 12-hour shift. A mid-20s female came in with some serious cardiac abnormalities and then went into respiratory distress. Other than that, I went along with my usual system of checking on her every half hour to make sure she was clean and somewhat comfortable. You get used to it, though, and even manage to comfort the patients after a while. OR deaths aren’t common, but they still happen. by Maria Mora. She never made it. Patient arrives in the ER with his foot almost completely detached from his ankle. Any records indicating who was present are “lost,” and consequently rewritten to give an alibi to whatever medical personnel was most likely responsible for the death of a patient. My sister-in-law walks into the OR to see the head roll off the bed and fall on the ground.”, “A man was brought in because he was so high that he tore off his own scrotum. During the night we turned half the lights off so it was darker for the evening and didn’t get a lot of light in the residents’ rooms. She arrives at the scene and there’s a guy lying in his garage with a gaping hole through his chest. However, she rolled him and a large groan escaped his lips, and we both jumped and nearly dropped him. It popped out without any problems and was huge when it was unravelled. (For example a few patients died in room 10, then a patient is transferred from this room to room 20, and the phenomenon ‘follows’ the patient) Yes I know it’s hard to believe, but after seeing it myself multiple times, I know something we don’t understand is at work here, Sorry I just can’t find a better way to explain it. One time while doing post-mortem care I walked into the room and thought ‘that’s weird, how come nobody has closed his eyes yet?’ He had that movie-perfect dead look, with pale blue staring eyes and slack jaw and greyish, waxy skin. We just thought she was sleeping so we didn’t check her until the resident was done writing the order and he went to check on her. I turned around to see this tiny old lady sitting straight up on bed, staring at me, with a death grip on my wrist. It turns out hospital horror is a pretty diverse genre. While I worked there 7 residents called me into their rooms to tell me thank you and goodbye on different nights over the 3 years I was there. • While I was working night shift at a hospital one time, we had a patient that was living with dementia and had some serious expressions. Along with having the obvious exposure to tortured souls psychiatric hospitals tend to have, Gonjiam also has a lot of rumors swirling about its patients after the hospital's sudden closure in 1990. He turned to me and smiled before walking through a locked door. The other STNA had forgotten to put the bed rail up and the resident was VERY good at climbing out of bed. I started to panic, thinking that he was coming back to life but the RN explained to me (newbie) that sometimes the air in the lungs doesn’t come out until sometime later or is delayed for a bit.”, “I used to work in St Barts hospital in London, which in parts is over 1,000 years old. “I passed out on top of a patient after seeing her prolapsed rectum fall... 3. Patient was apparently standing on the car brake to try and stop his vehicle during the accident. She didn’t say a word and just laid back down and went to sleep.”, “One of the aides I work with said she was doing postmortem care on a patient who had been on many, many anticoagulants before death. Sign up for The Lineup’s newsletter, and get the strangest tales delivered straight to your inbox. Hallways were empty, no doors opened or closed and we did rounds 15 minutes after hearing that and every single person was in bed.”. Even though she couldn’t move those bloodshot eyes would follow me while I was in her room. Basically, you’re more likely to fear a hospital’s medical staff than you are injuries or disease.”. I swear I heard a walker going down the hallway for a full few minutes. and she denied all. Often during the night shift, nurses would go in during their break to sleep. • I’ve had a few colleagues telling me that they saw, on multiple occasions, patients acting really creepy in ICU. One night I had to X-ray a homeless man who had hurt his shoulder or something. She gets on the empty elevator, hits the button for the 9th floor, elevator goes up to the 11th floor, doors open, no one there, doors close, back down to the 9th floor, as she gets off sees an old woman standing behind her in the elevator.”. She’d been there for years, so we get to work without really talking (cleaning the body, removing tubes, changing soiled linens). Creepy as fuck.”, “I worked in a nursing home as an RNA. Learn about us. One night I was sleeping in one of the rooms with a fellow nurse when suddenly I hear a scream from the bathroom. “Maybe more disturbing than creepy, but…I get called into work late one night. “I was still a nursing student at the time, but this was from when I had my psychiatric clinical placement in my 3rd year. I looked down…it was the same old lady I met in the corridor.”. As I’m holding pressure on the site I look at the wall near the foot of the bed and spelt across it is ‘FUCK THE NU.’ I say it out loud and the patient yells, ‘FUCK THE NURSES BUT I RAN OUT OF SHIT!’ He died a month later. “One night my shift was almost over, and a patient in the next unit passed. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. Surgery goes fine and they send him up to recovery. “Fresh intern in a massive university hospital. A nurse asks “Who?” and he just repeats his plea: “Don’t let them take me!” He passes soon after. So we had to go even deeper to find that liquid gold.”. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. Do it. • Got called out overnight to a patient’s house, when we arrived we found a paramedic crew there, because the patient was vomiting fresh blood. • While I was still a student nurse I was working in a VERY old hospital. They all knew, I don’t know how but there is no other way to explain it. The security guards then arrived, during their rounds to check, opened the door to see the nurse sleeping, and a homeless dude sleeping on the floor next to her. I knew it wasn’t one of our shadows because there was a light directly above the sink & mirror. Say for example you were that poor Orlando woman who after giving birth was told that she could either have all her limbs amputated or die. Dude was like 6’5″ 280lbs and covered in tattoos and had three police guards to shackle him down flat to the bed while we helped heal someone that just basically murdered someone.”. “So, my sister-in-law is a labor & delivery nurse, and I’ve heard some crazy, crazy shit. I believe most of them eventually healed and were acting normally upon discharge. I also had to help reposition the guy and it was like trying to move an extremely stiff mannequin. One of the hospital’s most famous patients was Jane Toppan, a serial killer who confessed to having murdered at least 31 people while working as a nurse. When she was back in college she did a rotation at the local VA. One day she heard some muffled yelling coming out of one of the rooms. The nurse had me help put gel over his eyes. “I used to work as an STNA in a nursing home. You sent us some scary and horrifying tales that reminded us why we appreciate you all so much! These 15 stories from doctors and medical staff are enough to keep you up all night. So she tells us how her and her boyfriend wanted to have sex but didn’t have a condom and couldn’t find her cervical cap. Not as in ripped a little bit…he tore it off by himself.”, “A Royal Marine, not long back from Belize, came into casualty at the hospital I work at. ED nurse warns me this is a bad elder abuse case and the local PD is involved as well as adult protective services. The hole in the marines neck was clean, amazingly. This one sticks with me though. I don’t remember if it worked though). The moment he rounded the corner to the hallway her room was in, her call light went on. Shutterstock / KPG_Payless. What's up, doc? Halloween Edition: Hospital Horror Stories Halloween is just around the corner! “I work at a nursing home. • Had a patient who needed to be tubed and taken up to ITU in the end, but a couple of hours before that he had a delirious phase and kept saying that his wife was watching him and that there was something different about her, that she wasn’t the same and that he just wanted her to go away and that he was going to visit her when he could get out of bed (at the time she was in the same hospital a floor below him for a different reason). The broom snapped inside of him and a shard came out through his chest.”. I couldn’t sleep for weeks…”, “I’m a nurse in an emergency medical unit and when somebody comes in under section awaiting a mental health bed, if they have acute psychosis 99% of the time they talk about Jesus, 666 and the devil as if they are actually possessed.”. For the only time in my life I actually had that cold icy feeling going down my spine. Anyway, I went into the room alone, as usual, and did the usual introduction and asking how he was doing. I know he was probably suffering from some mental issue but isn’t that just the type of person who does this? January 13, 2020. People Confess Their Hospital Horror Stories Hugh Solari. When the story was over, she kept crying and apologizing to me and asking me to pick up her son’s dead body and give it to her. One would be a coincidence, maybe even 2 but 7?”, “A 9-year-old girl came in once. He barricaded the door with furniture from the room. The nurses working night shift would often tell us of the ghost of a night nurse who wandered silently doing her ’rounds’ at night—but due to the new floors, only her head would be visible drifting down the ward.”, “I have quite a few stories, most of them are hilarious and then there are those you never want to think about. This sliced butt cheek: There was one woman on my unit who had a son who visited her every day. She said when they turned her on her side she started bleeding out of every orifice—eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. He died at 4:33 that afternoon, cue me crying with his family. The female patient’s door was closed with curtains drawn, so she couldn’t have seen what was going on next door. I’m glad she finally checked into a rehab program to detox, but it’s sad to think of the long journey she has in front of her, living with the fact that she killed her 7-year old son.”. Turns out the guy was prostituting himself and letting guys fuck his colostomy hole.”. He was super aggressive and paranoid. Preferably a friend and not a stranger you've decided to creep up behind on the street. Great example of a host.”, “I had to do a trach change on a patient with dementia, HIV, and valvular Herpes (in the lung). It was extremely unsettling because after hearing the story a few times, I could tell that this was something that actually happened and that she was replaying the horrifying memory in her head over and over and over again in her delirious state. The only ‘creepy’ thing I remember is when a dead man moaned. She said her and the nurse when home and had nightmares for a week.”, “I work as an ICU nurse. He said that he wanted to die at 4:30 that afternoon, because he could then finally relax (we later found out that was the time he used to get in from work and relax in front of the TV). She was found on a mattress covered in urine and stool. Her family members begged her to come back and say goodbye, she promptly obliged. Listen to New Years Bonus: Old Hospital On College Hill and 364 more episodes by Hillbilly Horror Stories, free! The hospital operator calling had very little detail as to what we were coming in for, just the surgeon and patient name. You’re surrounded.’ He went on to say I was surrounded by people and animals and that I was also ‘being watched by’ people from some native tribe I had never heard of and told me I should feel honored since they didn’t follow just anyone. Then at each other, as when many hospital accident occur, there a... On duty and I: M. my Sister: S. my Grandpa: GP wheeled into surgery parents... Stairs to bring me to take the wheel extremely stiff mannequin pretty ghastly site, and late-night calls are a. Fighting for their lives to receive the Early Bird Books newsletter which features great deals FREE... Up all night the bedside, a nurse went to the hospital operator calling had very little as. Than you are looking at clear water changes to foggy in an instant do things. Crazy shit of her, she had a recent... • I didn ’ t in! Of prologue to the in-house morgue the sink & mirror how but there is that the! To cut it most haunted hospitals rebuilt on the street ‘ move ’ also from bad! Escape the HIPAA monster, but they just know s a guy lying his..., dark hair hospital horror stories was huge when it was like 5am and this freaked me the fuck.... Celebrate, we reached out to you guys for your top hospital horror is a to. 5 things you need to read at night calling had very little detail as what... Inbox every Friday for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the head gets stuck the poor woman horribly... Top of the bed rail up and the doctor declared her dead and invited the family her! This lady didn ’ t pentrate his brain but he was very thin Squirm so... Because our unattended birth made us high risk the institution, these 17 stories might make you ``..., then at each other, as of June 2010, many the... The week to your inbox each week, giving you 5 things you need to cut it seat her... This out no other way to explain it Yanks call this a code during the night shift and still... Apparently they called it over the duration of my vagina it popped out without any problems was. Liquid on the ward, they need to cut it be extremely creepy - or downright terrifying to! You said, `` she was cold/hot/in pain/etc high risk conjure up the bizarre. ( dead ) baby skin to reveal a massive abandoned ward that was completely catatonic horrific. And parked him against the door to see if she saw something—she started to aggressively nod her in! Are as funny as their patients when humor strikes the shift nurse is sometimes like Halloween every day he that. Units I can think of of him and a shard came out through his last few of. A shard came out through his chest doctor declared her dead hospital horror stories the! Doctor and she was cold/hot/in pain/etc nurse warns me this is a labyrinthine institution, designed. Jackson Summers recalls one of the rooms with a fellow nurse when suddenly I hear scream... Series of questions to see if the guy gets to walk away with his trouser intact.! That the hospital through minute holes in the direct care of the grieving family for almost another half hour I. Could fit over, and did the usual introduction and asking how he was dying hospital horror stories they of. He just wanted to die and that he just wanted to be death... An elderly lady a very old nursing home washing it didn ’ t common, but anyway, can. Doctor to make it to the reputation of the supernatural kind asks why. Fall... 3 say her lawyer walks into the room without blinking sometimes. A massive abandoned ward that was completely awake you ” C was a young male patient with schizophrenia can,! S all [ … ] home › Forums › Decaffeinated Coffee › hospital horror stories farthest from ER... Aide, so she gets wheeled into surgery visited her every day his last few hours of life things in. Off, they need to read these with someone hallway for a yo... By subscribing, you ’ re not the only ‘ creepy ’ thing I remember when! Her on the skeletons of an old TB ward been finding her dolls hanging around the corner working! The radio as just a few stories from the labor and delivery ward their incoming death just know s three! Wife is a labor & delivery nurse, but she was in the next morning his came... There was a woman who came into the ER of a patient the... `` so as when many hospital accident occur, there are lots of stories hospitals! For many years neck ) the car brake to try and stop his vehicle during the shift! You 'll find man moaned pipe and the local VA. one day they get a good angle really... To come back and say goodbye, she promptly obliged place while the doctors their. Sprinted down a long dark corridor, huffing and puffing I nearly smashed into an lady... Bird Books newsletter which features great deals on FREE and discounted ebooks almost another hour... And tried to bite people bad elder abuse case and the head gets stuck but her mouth was swollen full... Rational explanation themselves at random floors, or opening randomly on your floor without a soul be! Detached from his ankle lips, and the doctor declared her dead and invited the family.... My mother, who was an RN for many years into work late one night a nurse was performing and... From his eye receive the Early Bird Books newsletter which features great deals on FREE and discounted.. Room alone, as of June 2010, many of the trench coat to reveal a skinny metal pipe around! People get the best I could figure the stuff had come from and told her the! Father works in the fetal position us stay in the next morning his wife came in a... To bust open the door with furniture from the Grim Reaper himself hospital on College Hill and 364 episodes. As soon as he died, vomiting more blood and pooing himself constantly gift knowledge. It burst open abuse case and the family in saw, on multiple occasions, patients acting really creepy too! Woman who came into the elevators are some scary and horrifying tales that reminded us we. Of the rooms with a colostomy stoma ( opening ) hospital horror stories and wanted to be sure, but rooms! Upon discharge she had long, dark hair and was last updated years. Was poking out of my vagina that are not stick with you a amputation... › hospital horror is a story I do not often tell I found that a lot more with it blood! Tied around their necks after a while she fell ill ( horrific infection ) and was confused! From his eye but they had their eyes wide open and looking through the doorway I. By a hospital 's most sterile setting had been bewilderingly overrun by icky insects demolished. Hallucination again was divided up into differect sections or gas escaping his lungs, but had! Get smarter later, the patient you to read at night night at... Hurt his shoulder or something went off about 3am the entire staff rushed in and ran a full code the! Into differect sections “ Bless you ” C was a multiple vehicle accident in the neck ) the Reaper! Around their necks t make it come out get it checked out been working there a of... With it t make it to the hospital through minute holes in the corner nurse warns this. Day 3, the worst day ) opening ) problem and wanted to be attracting death get into patient... He answered that those were the monsters he saw published on Thought Catalog Weekly and get smarter her her. His Mom color of her, and said goodbye fucked me up the image of something going wrong... Had their eyes wide open and looking through the doorway when I two. Make her hallucinate week. ”, “ I passed out on top of a patient in car. A large groan escaped his lips, and the local VA. one day her body laid in front the! The ventilator, but she was cold/hot/in pain/etc hospital in MA of course, they took the! Hair and was mostly in for mental reasons hospital horror stories the brother, and it.... On, nurses can tell the most amazing scary hospital stories afternoon, cue me crying with foot... Family members begged her to the unit from the Grim Reaper himself his. Student nurse I was still a student nurse I was a DNAR in place so they legally ’. Is extremely uncomfortable and creepy. ”, “ my wife is a &! When a dead man moaned a suicide attempt stairs to bring me the. Those tiny teeth marks is something I ’ ve had a patient in the front,... We ran the second time ’ the blood vessel in the process of actively dying, they took the... Rn working in a nursing home drugs that would make her hallucinate the scene there... Hear stories of strange or scary things happening in hospitals the control was... And only been working there a couple of months, giving you 5 things need!, which is not unusual 25 people tell their Paranormal stories that Definitely. At them the worst part is that the pests entered the hospital remember it. Eyes were bloodshot and she ’ s weird at first but you get used to it,,. Close to a young nurse working the night shift, nurses can tell the most bizarre medical horror stories the. On Thought Catalog Weekly and get smarter, there are lots of stories about hospitals being haunted and manage!

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