The Long Dark. The Long Dark - Bleak Inlet Detailed Map. Currently it has cheats and general gameplay improvements. If anyone already visited Radio Tower on Bleak Inlet region - please tell how you get to it? Detailed In-Game Map Some Useful Tips. Similar Posts: The Long Dark – Paradise Lost; The Long Dark Bleak Inlet: Detailed Region Map Most of the vital spots are marked.

By Whiteberry. Here is a map below, as you can see by my expert artistic skills I have drawn a red arrow to signify the zone where you will transition from Ravine to Bleak Inlet. AUTOWALK & TELEMETRY.

The Long Dark. Detailed Region Maps - The Long Dark.
Remember that not all the locations are 100% sure because of RNG. Bleak Inlet is the newest region in The Long Dark, and for reasons other than lack of indoor locations, it perhaps its most dangerous. There is a climbing rope spot near the lookout, so if you plan on exploring the whole region make sure that you have that addition mountaineering rope. It has been fun to work and updating them during Early Access, and I will leave them up here for anyone who still find them useful. I visited almost every spot on a region, but couldn't find code for the workshop. UMod TLD is the first mod for The Long Dark. Timberwolves travel in packs and present a significant challenge to even veteran players. Please note that these maps are no longer up to date and will not be updated. Each regional map shows more detailed geographic features, as well as informational icons for specific locations and buildings.

If you’ve spent much time in The Long Dark, you’ve more than likely searched for a detailed map of all the regions. Hinterland Studio doesn’t provide any in-game maps, but a community member by the name of Whiteberry has created the most detailed maps one could ask for in The Long Dark.

I made my own map version using the same style that Stray Wolf and Whiteberry did. It is the first region to feature Timberwolves in Survival mode. Feel free to … To my glee, there is a way down and up this ridge to the lower areas of Bleak Inlet. Detailed Maps by Bleak Inlet Region Complete Map All information gathered, including hidden caches, loot, ropes, collectibles, starter locations and corpses. The Long Dark - Faithful Cartographer Achievement (List of Locations) Written by Gaurin / Dec 22, 2019 In this guide you can find the list of locations for the Faithful Cartographer achievement which works as of 1.69 Errant Pilgrim.

On the world map, the player can view major geographic markers, as well as regions' relative locations to one another. Scrap Lead is one of the latest materials to arrive in The Long Dark. Map enhancements support the new Navigation features.

The problem is most players are still unfamiliar with how to get their hands on it, but that’s what we’re here to help you with today. Locate and rename Rock Caches. There are almost all vital spots marked in the map. It will save you a ton of time in the long run.

Bleak Inlet: Detailed region map. Take notice of many safe spots or vantage points in the map.

Feel free to publish the images anywhere you want. Third Interest Spots: Rate .

By YusufpawFA. Table of Contents The Long Dark Bleak Inlet MapBleak Inlet Map v1.69Bleak Inlet Complete MapBleak Inlet Explorer MapBleak Inlet Spoiler Free Map The Long Dark Bleak Inlet Map I made my own map version using the same style that Stray Wolf and Whiteberry did.

Especially useful if you are hunting locations for the Faithful Cartographer achievement. I found secret mountain pass, and made it through cave passage to Forlorn Muskeg.

Well as you'll see from the map above bleak inlet is linked to ravine via a river system, so follow the river. Part of the Errant Pilgrim update, it’s required to craft a Bullet (x6), which can then be used to craft Revolver Ammunition and Rifle Ammunition. The Long Dark - Bleak Inlet Charcoal Map (with Useful Tips) Created by janjasic :: Dec 20, 2019 Ingame map of a Bleak Inlet region. Keep track of all Surveyed locations to know if you’ve found them all. The Long Dark All Maps and Locations guide is completed. Turn layers of information on and off in the Map. The map is an interface showing a region of Great Bear Island.
Written by YusufpawFA / Dec 20, 2019 I made my own map version using the same style that Stray Wolf and Whiteberry did.