Items appear in the shop when available. Biennials last for two years, and perennials live for longer. Seeds per 100 feet: 0. Vegetable Plot Longevity: Perennial . Buy Now. Bloody Dock.

Weight 0 oz. We do not have a very large range as yet, but hope to slowly increase this as our own collection grows. ... Globe Artichoke – A well known perennial vegetable grown for its large flower buds which are boiled and served with butter and herbs. VIEW CART Something goes here SEED CALCULATOR US Imperial. COVID-19: I'm still open. 150 Seeds. Click on an image for full description. The site is UK-based and will deal mainly, but not exclusively, with those plants that can be grown sucessfully in the British Isles and particularly those that lend themselves to being grown on an allotment scale such as the south-american tubers. Incredible Vegetables grows unusual & perennial vegetables on Dartmoor & sells perennial vegetable plants, seeds & tubers in our online shop. Broad-Leaf french sorrel. More Info. Sun shade: Full sun ; Grows in: Borders Flower Colour: Yellow Longevity: Perennial . Want an even greater display?

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Fennel may be grown as a herb for its attractive ferny foliage or as a vegetable for its swollen base and stem. at 0 seeds per foot. Perennial vegetable seeds from our own plant stocks. Transplant = Number of Plants 0. Use the seeds like poppy seeds. By Crop By Space - 1 of 4 Filter Collection: Ancona perennial wall-rocket.

Perennial kale and leeks, Skirret, Chinese Artichoke & Hablitzia Tamnoides are just some of the perennial vegetables we grow Flower Seeds > Perennial Seeds > Hardy Perennial Seeds > Need help? Orders are only taking an extra day or two to process. All our vegetable plants are propagated here from either seed, division, tubers or bubils. Perennial & Biennial Seeds Plant perennial and biennial flower seeds for an explosion of garden colour!

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Perennial vegetable seeds. Metric. Sow in spring (although some varieties can be sown in autumn) in a nursery area or greenhouse. Direct Sow. By Crop By Space. On this site I'll be attempting to introduce the many and varied perennial vegetables that are available to us. SEED CALCULATOR US Imperial. Call 0333 777 3936. Organic seeds. These include perennial root vegetable SKIRRET (Sium Sisarum) seeds and Hablitzia Tamnoides (Caucasian Spinach) a perennial climbing semi-shade loving plant with edible spinach like leaves.

No GMOs or F1s. Find your way around: Flower Seeds; Flower Plants; Vegetable Seeds; Vegetable Plants; Seed Potatoes; Pea & Bean Seeds; Onions, Shallots & Garlic; Pond Plants & Equipment; Fruit Trees & Plants; Garden Equipment; Site Map ; Orders & Requests: Log in; Registration; Special Offers; Catalogue Request; … They are either young plants grown in 7cm pots or tubers, which are only available from mid-autumn to spring, or as long as stocks last. Metric = Number of Seeds: 0.

Just £1.99 within 21 working days. Heirloom seeds, vegetable seeds, flower seeds, herb seeds, perennial seeds, tree seeds, forest garden & permaculture seeds. Perennial Vegetable Growing and unusual edibles. Asparagus – This famous vegetable needs more care than most listed here, but rewards the grower with truly delicious young shoots which need only brief steaming.