Before downloading or requesting traditional personal income tax forms, consider e-filing your PA Personal Income Tax Return with padirectfile or PA e-file.. Padirectfile is a free and secure way to file your return directly with the PA Department of Revenue.. E-file is a free option to file your federal and state taxes simultaneously. Individual Earned Income Tax (EIT) Forms Taxpayer Annual Local Earned Income Tax Return (F-1) Online Fill, Print, Mail Download Translated (Spanish) Supplemental Form: Fill, Print, Mail Download. CT-V -- PA Corporate Net Income Tax Fed/State Payment Voucher . Information. PA-8879 C -- 2018 PA … ; Customer Support Home These forms, from the Department of Revenue, are subject to change only by federal or state legislative action. Pennsylvania state income tax Form PA-40 must be postmarked by July 15, 2020 in order to avoid penalties and late fees. PA-19 -- PA Schedule 19 - Taxable Sale of a Principal Residence. The Pennsylvania income tax rate for tax year 2019 is 3.07%. ... (Form NJ-165) and give it to your employer.

Earned Income Tax. Wage and Tax Statement. Title: 2018 Pennsylvania Income Tax Return (PA-40) Author: PA Department of Revenue Subject: Forms/Publications Keywords: 2018 Pennsylvania Income Tax Return (PA-40)

The current tax year is 2019, and most states will release updated tax forms between January and April of 2020. For your convenience, provides printable copies of 175 current personal income tax forms from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. 2018 Personal Income Tax Forms. We last updated Pennsylvania Form 40 Instruction Booklet in January 2020 from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. 2018 tax forms Please note that the following list does not cover all City taxes, since some taxes must be paid through the Department of Revenue’s online payment platform. PA-40 -- 2019 Pennsylvania Income Tax Return. ENTER ONE LETTER OR NUMBER IN EACH BOX. CategoriesLocal Income Tax Forms for Businesses and Payroll Providers File Type Download167377 Size195.18 KB Create DateJanuary 6, 2016 Last UpdatedMay 18, 2017 FileActionResidency Certification Form Local Earned Income Tax Withholding PdfDownload Download To determine the status of your Personal Income Tax refund for the current tax year, you will need: Your Social Security Number; and The amount of your refund. PA-1 -- Online Use Tax Return. Net Profits Tax applies to Philadelphia residents who are self-employed (even if their business is conducted outside the City), and non-residents who conduct business in Philadelphia. The filing and payment extension is available to those filing the Ohio individual income tax, school district income tax, pass through entity and fiduciary income tax, and muni net profit taxpayers that have opted in to the state’s centralized filing system. 2017) 64 pages, 593 KB, 1/10/2018: An employer’s guide on state income tax withholding requirements including who must file tax returns, which forms to use, when the tax returns and payments are due, and employer income tax … Form W-2 (PDF) Related: General Instructions for Forms W … DFO-02 -- Personal Individual Tax Preparation Guide - For Personal Income Tax Returns PA-40 . 2019 Pennsylvania Printable Income Tax Forms 175 PDFS Pennsylvania has a state income tax of 3.070% . These forms help taxpayers compute and file 2018 Net Profits Tax (NPT). Tax Forms.

To determine the status of your Personal Income Tax refund for the current tax year, you will need: Business Registration (PA-100) Personal Income Tax e-Services; File an Appeal; Forms and Publications.

2018 Member Earned Income Tax Rate Table - to be used to help taxpayers of member municipalities and school districts determine their Earned Income Tax Rate for the 2018 tax year. 2018 Massachusetts Personal Income tax forms and instructions . DEX 93 -- Personal Income Tax Correspondence Sheet.