And if you bring home some fruit or vegetables and want to can, freeze, make jam, salsa or pickles, There are approximately 1300 registered beekeepers in Florida, but only about 61 of them have a food license, the associated restaurant kitchen equipment, annual inspections, and annual training. So, the pages below will assist you understanding the requirements and steps to sell honey that your hives produce regardless of the state you're in. Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry 22 State House Station 18 Elkins Lane Augusta, ME 04333 More Locations. And it’s why we’re the closest your spirit can get to the land. Suggestions for inclusion are welcomed. The link below addresses Florida's requirements for bottling honey for retail sales and other info of interest. We’re respectful and appreciative of the environment around us and the beauty that can be created from it. By 4 p.m., the crowd of diners lined up around the building on Route 2 had grown to roughly 100.. Maine news, sports, politics, election results, and obituaries from the Bangor Daily News.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates bottled water. Maine statute, Title 28-A, Part 3, Subpart 3, Chapter 51, Subchapter II, § 1356 provides that any person not licensed by the state commission who manufactures for sale any liquor, and any person who sells any liquor manufactured by him without a license in the State, commits a Class E crime. Allen. Bottlers located outside the State of New Hampshire, or their agents, applying for a beverage license must: Comply with all applicable requirements in New Hampshire Statute RSA 143 and New Hampshire Administrative Rule He-P 2100; and; Submit a completed beverage registration application, which is reviewed and approved by the Beverage and Bottled Water Inspection and Licensing Program. Contact. The list will be periodically updated. Maine Distillery tours usually include the tour, spirit tastings and opportunities to purchase the distilled spirits you just sampled. A secure, online service provided by the State of Maine; Regulatory Licensing & Permitting. Spirits Duty is payable on any spirits, or any mixture or combination of spirits with anything else, at a strength of more than 1.2% alcohol by volume (ABV).

Apple Juice & Cider Mfr. karen wrote:Here, in in Maine, we need to have a processors license to sell honey, cost is $20.The criteria is not to stringent the state realizes honey is an acid and not to much can happen to it.

Getting Started in the Bottled Water Business: Licensing and Labeling This is the last of a series of three articles covering Bottled Water Testing, Source Development, and Licensing and Labeling. A licensee may be issued one retail license under chapter 43 per licensed location, on the premises of the licensed location or at another location, for the sale of liquor to be consumed on the premises at the retail premises if the same person or persons hold a controlling interest in both the licensed manufacturing location and the licensed retail establishment. And should the ownership or location of your water bottling plant change in the future, a new application must be submitted because water bottling company licenses are … And it’s why we’re the closest your spirit can get to the land. Updated: 9/1995 Status: Possibly permitted Statute. Search → Search Individuals Maine distillery tours, craft distillery tours and farm distillery tours are guaranteed to entertain and educate. From 1928 to 1937, it was home to the Portland (Maine) Coca-Cola Bottling Works, with Arthur S. Ardrey as manager. This is a partial list of Shared-use & Commercial Kitchens and Small Co-packers for Maine. When you choose to work with Business Licenses, LLC, our experienced professionals can handle even the hardest parts of obtaining a food establishment permit for you. Overview If you would like to extract, bottle and sell honey, most states have requirements for licensing, and annual inspection. See also: Foods Program; Laws and Regulations; Food and Standards; Renewal Information; Online Reinstatement Information; You may apply online for all food and beverage licenses. $27.00.

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$47.00. Beverage Container Label Registration and Licensing Portal Instructions Page 3 of 3 Maine DEP/DMM/SU December 1, 2017 you add new labels subsequent to this initial registration, the new label registrations will be given an expiration date which is the same as the expiration date for already-registered products. Looking for Maine Co-Packers to Make and Package Your Food Product: Jams, Salsa, Sauces, Pickles, Cookies, Pies, cakes, whatever! If you need legal advice, please consult a qualified attorney. Mainebiz brings together Maine’s best to share their expertise, insight, knowledge, and experience on a variety of topics that business owners and managers need to know more about.