It shoots in mid to late spring. Diameter: 1.5-3 inches Incense Bamboo is a medium-sized running bamboo.

Golden Bamboo can quickly grow and colonize a large field if not contained properly. Its medium-green canes grow to over 40 feet in height and 2.5 inches in diameter.

We carry over 100 different types of running bamboo… Located in good full sun this species may become quite aggressive.
Florida’s Exotic Pest Plant Council has placed Phyllostachys aurea as a Category II invasive bamboo. Synonyms Bambusa aurea Phyllostachys aurea formosana. Phyllostachys artovaginata - aka "Incense Bamboo" Height: 30-50ft.

It has a strong form with attractive, prominent nodes and small sunny-green leaves.

Temp: 0 F . Bamboos are either classed as running or clump-forming bamboos. Origin: China Max Ht: 25 ft. Max Dia: 2" Min.

Canes grooved on alternate sides between the nodes, with usually two leafy branches at each node

The scope of this bamboo has appeared beyond the Southeastern United States – from Louisiana to Arkansas, Maryland to Florida, and even Oregon. Family Poaceae Genus Phyllostachys are attractive, large, evergreen bamboos with running rhizomes, although in cool temperate climates may initially behave like clump-forming genera. Running bamboo requires regular maintenance, and a neglected bamboo can sometimes get “out of control”. The common P. aurea “Golden Bamboo”, and P. aureosulcata “Yellow Groove”, among others, have contributed to bamboo hype (and a few horror stories). Phyllostachys Aurea 'Fish Pole' Classification: Running bamboo . Great species for a bamboo hedge, garden fence, or screen. Running bamboo include many different genera and species, ranging in size from a foot tall to 80 feet tall, and can be either slow or quick spreading, and either open or dense growing, depending on the species and where it is planted.

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Light: (shade-sun 1-5) 3-5 .

Although technically a running bamboo, in UK conditions Golden bamboo is one of the better behaved Phyllostachys species and, in many ways, could be considered as an ideal garden bamboo.

For direct sun: Phyllostachys ; For an exposed site: Bashania, Pseudosasa, or Sasaella (and consider erecting a temporary netting windbreak during plant establishment) For any garden: Pseudosasa and Indocalamus are completely unfussy; Types of bamboo. Over about ten years Phyllostachys aurea it is likely to spread 1-3 m (3.3-10 ft.) depending on the climate and conditions and if it decides to stay as tight clumping or start running.

Uses: Focus garden specimen, large screen or hedge, pole production A lovely bamboo with dark green canes maturing to a golden yellow.