Simple, homemade recipe, great with a roast dinner or to use as a marinade!

Stir in water, vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper until sugar is dissolved. For most people, using a plain open water bath canner, the time will be between 20 to 35 minutes. But as you only need a teaspoon or so each time you make mint sauce, this will last me through the winter roasts until the new mint comes through next spring. There are recipes for side dishes to accompany the roast lamb and other baking ideas to utilise the empty space while the oven is on.

there is nothing like the aroma and taste of fresh mint. Vinegar is a product of the fermentation of alcohol by bacteria to produce acetic acid. Finally, taste the sauce and add more water or seasoning, if needed. 3. I used my harvest to make Traditional English Mint Sauce... delicious served with lamb or pork dishes. Then, season them with salt, transfer them to a container, and add boiling water and caster sugar.

Wash mint; place in a sterilized wide-mouthed jar. You can always just refrigerate it without canning the mint sauce. Lamb is such a wonderfully fatty and tasty meat.

Let stand 10 days; shake jar daily. I grabbed some tools from the garden sheds and snipped off the above bounty and you can hardly tell I touched it. This mint sauce is made with the tender and strongly scented new tips. Pour vinegar over sprigs in jar. Part of being successful at low carb is being organised and planning ahead. Cover and let steep for 20 minutes, then serve immediately with lamb. How To Make Easy Mint Sauce. The acetic acid is what gives vinegar its tangy flavor and also the ingredient that makes vinegar useful for household cleaning. Ahhhhh …. But I think the OP is talking about adding extra vinegar to ready-made mint sauce, as he says that his wife 'just puts the jar out'.

Bruise mint leaves, using a wooden spoon. Bring to boil then reduce heat, cover and simmer for about 1hr, or until apples are soft and pulpy, adding lemon juice and vinegar for last 5min of cooking. You can use either a plain water bath canner OR a pressure canner, since the vinegar adds so much acidity (if you can vegetables other than tomatoes without adding vinegar, you must use a pressure canner). Here’s a great easy tutorial on how to make easy mint sauce. Stir the mixture well, then let it cool before adding white wine vinegar. It seems odd to add extra vinegar - it's already got enough in it! Unless it's to make the jar last longer - as some downmarket cafes do with their ketchup. Directions.

To make a mint sauce, start by removing the mint leaves from the stalks and chopping them up.

The rest of the mint will continue to grow for other recipes on another day but for today this will be more than enough. NEW RECIPE - easy roast lamb with a sugar free 'traditional mint sauce'. I managed to pick 50g, which is a fair amount of mint in a bowl. Cover with a metal lid, and screw band tight. Place mint leaves in a small bowl.