It is used to make specialized pieces such as tobacco pipes, musical instruments, and burial caskets.

I have a good relationship with the gentleman that owns it. We cut alot of black cherry too. American black cherry is widely used for paneling and as a veneer, burial caskets and other specialty items such as gunstocks, tobacco pipes, musical instruments, turnery, carvings, etc. If you have larger straight cherries, they can be worth some money for logging. Scott Smith says: January 1, 2016 at 6:12 am I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania, where I have 20 acres of mixed hardwoods. Firewood BTU Ratings Charts for Common Tree Species.

Its blossoms are white and quite beautiful in the spring. It was mostly cedar and I have arranged for a guy with a portable mill to mill the wood for a deck, dock, etc. The hot, long lasting fire it produces makes it a popular choice for anyone who heats with wood. Firewood is cut to length and then seasoned (dried) in a stack, with air being able to get to it, for at least 9 months before burning. Expand Signature hell have no fury like a woman scorn.... or one that is not warm enough. This is because virtually all of the large Black Cherry trees were cut down more than 40 years ago. $48.99 $ 48. ... Black Cherry, and Apple give off a wonderful aroma,as well as producing nice heat. GREAT burning firewood but it must be air dried before burning. 4. In fact many people choose to burn black locust over other common favorites like ash or oak. It's believed you can burn black locust firewood immediately after cutting down the tree. It is more than 18 inches across at the butt and I have two 12' lengths, plus a shorter piece. Closeup of mature bark. I have no immediate plans for it and might even consider selling it. Hope this was helpful! It's only moderately durable outdoors.

Great smell to firewood is always a nice bonus to have. Black Cherry or Wild Cherry (Prunus serotina) Split-ability: Moderately Easy Heat: Medium Kindling Grade: A Cook Wood Grade: B. It was mostly cedar and I have arranged for a guy with a portable mill to mill the wood for a deck, dock, etc. We logged a few out and kept the tops and rejects for firewood. Scrap White Pine lumber makes good kindling. Black cherry sapwood in not rot resistant at all, Most cherry is sawn for grade and nearly all boards contain sapwood often both faces. Cherry, which might take around 3.5 months; Rock elm, black locust, apple, pear, and other fruit woods and elms dry for at least 6 months. Does not give off as much heat as other harder woods, but I burn a lot of it. Often, rural wood cutters will bring loads of wood to urban areas for sale and sometimes delivery.

Immature fruit. Black locust is an excellent choice for firewood. FREE Shipping. Wilson Enterprises Split Firewood- Birch, Maple, Oak, Apple, or Cherry. In this article i try my best to answer that question, and let you understand just how complex can the topic of firewood drying time by species can be. A friend of mine has a cherry tree that fell over in Superstorm Sandy and was wondering if its worth anything beyond firewood.