Ponding should be checked by suitable calculations of deflection, including the added deflections due to ponded water, and considering long-term effects of all sustained loads, camber, construction, tolerances … (B) Reinforced concrete by ANSI A89.1 Concrete Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete. ... Other than pin connected members, the allowable tensile stress shall not exceed _____ on the gross area. (a) Allowable Loads and Stresses for Beams and Floors.

Curvature in a simply supported slab. (1) The stresses shall not exceed 80 percent of those permitted for static loads. ... Standard hooks used in reinforced concrete beam shall mean. (A) Structural steel by AISC Specification for Design Fabrication and Erection of Structural Steel Building. 0.60 fy. Beams and girders supporting plastered ceilings shall be so proportioned that the maximum live load deflection does not exceed ___? The Concrete Society publication: TR58: Deflections in concrete slabs and beams, 2005, or How to design concrete structures using Eurocode 2: Deflection Calculations.It is backed by site-based research. This ‘rigorous’ method is described in greater detail elsewhere e.g. * This limit is not intended to safeguard against ponding. Prestressed Concrete Reinforced concrete in which internal stresses have been introduced to reduce potential tensile stresses in concrete resulting from loads.

The allowable deflection for any structural member loaded with live load only.