It grows all along the coastal areas of Western North America, from the cooler northern parts of California, up through Oregon and into Canada all the way to southern Alaska. However, it is reasonably abundant from Alaska and Canada. They can be deciduous, although most often we think of them as evergreen. ALASKA YELLOW CEDAR. Cupressus nootkatensis is a species of trees in the cypress family native to the coastal regions of northwestern North America. It will do this within the width of just a few feet, making it ideal for a narrow space or a smaller garden, as well as a being a great feature in a larger one. Chamaecyparis nootkatensis and over 1000 other quality seeds for sale. The grain is typically very straight with a fine and even texture. The various physical properties of yellow cedar make it an attractive material for general construction. 50′.

Cedar seedlings, also referred to as cedar tree seedlings, are available for sale. Welcome to Alaska Specialty Woods We have been supplying the FINEST Sitka Spruce Instrument Tonewood material available to tonewood users, custom luthiers, manufacturers and other Builders of Acoustic Instruments since 1997 – processing thousands of soundboards annually from Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar & Alaskan Yellow Cedar. Price is per BDFT (unless otherwise stated below). The various physical properties of yellow cedar make it an attractive material for general construction. Cedar Fencing 6/1/2020 More fencing 9/26/2019 Decking 4/10/2020 Alaskan Yellow Cedar 6/25/19 Pressure Treated 2/22/2020 Shingles 11/1/18 Utility & Garden Cedar 2/15/2020 Siding & Paneling 2/13/19 Pole Barn & Fire Treated 1/17/2020 Alaskan Yellow Cedar was initially placed in the Cupressus genus, and later in the Chamaecyparis genus (where it had remained for roughly 160 years). Growing Green Arrow Alaskan Cedar Trees The Weeping Alaskan Cedar is an evergreen tree that will grow steadily, first to 10 feet, then to 20, and eventually to 30 feet tall and possibly more. Despite its relatively light weight and density, it is a very durable and quite versatile species -- having seen duty in numerous indoor and outdoor applications. Because we are located in the heart of Cedar Country, the only place in the world Western Red Cedar and Alaskan Yellow Cedar are grown, we are able to offer superior quality Cedar building materials with exceptional pricing.

Pigments provide increased UV … Rather narrow and small in size compared to the wild Alaskan cedar, this weeping selection makes a focal point in a yard, park or garden. Yellow cedar is a bright timber, ranging in colour from soft yellow to light brown. Weeping Alaskan Cedar can make a very dramatic statement in a home landscape. Yellow Cedar is found only on the Pacific coast of North America from Alaska to southern Oregon and is the hardest known cedar in the world. Mature trees develop fascinating character with secondary sub-leaders that reach out and create a close-knit cluster of trunks and gracefully arching side branches. Chamaecyparis nootkatensis ‘Pendula’ Weeping Alaskan Cedar. Recent reclassifications have moved it from Chamaecyparis to a newly created genus named Xanthocyparis, and then to Callitropsis , … The timber is quite light, being only slightly heavier than western red cedar.