One of the great resources that we have implemented is the employee hotline, where you are able to raise any concerns that you have to HR. H1Z1 can make a lot more sales across platforms planning ahead with Just Survive. The Daybreak site has been updated with the latest in a series of "business type" news stories today: "NantWorks, a diversified holding company, today announced that it has made a strategic investment in Daybreak Game Company". ... don't get me wrong! We need to speak up, make our voices heard! Just survive had a following of much larger than 2000 players, that’s for sure. Please feel free to reach out to if you want to learn more or speak with someone from the team. Aug 24, 2018 @ 2:27pm Can we host servers now? For many of us, H1Z1 Just Survive has been the very first survival game we have played and enjoyed.

We need to speak up, make our voices heard! NantWorks, LLC, is the umbrella organization for an ecosystem of companies committed to the convergence of 21st century innovative platforms to transform how we work, live and play: NantHealth, NantOmics, NantBioScience, NantCell, NantKwest, NantPharma, NantMobile, NantStudio, NantCapital and NantCloud. We have also implemented leadership training to help with career advancement. News. We want to allow the customization of servers that the users can create, single player, coop, or even servers back. r/h1z1: Subreddit for H1Z1. Posts about Just Survive written by Wilhelm Arcturus. Just Survive is a post-apocalyptic survival game that immerses you in a world where humanity is fighting to take back control from the zombie hordes. There are a lot of players that won't buy online only games, and a open world sandbox like Just Survive is perfect for solo players to survive in with option to play it offline, away from the online drama. Just Survive > General Discussions > Topic Details. If The game is officialy dead, it would be nice to have access to the server files so we can host it ourselves. Massively Overpowered. H1Z1: Just Survive is NO LONGER CLOSING DOWN!!! NantG, (part of NantWorks) has invested in Daybreak Game Company and is currently working on getting Just survive back online for us supporters! No longer in use. Let’s get to 1,000! Fact-based and solution driven, each of NantWorks’ division companies operates at … Just Survive Servers - We need something! Shall be reopened in the future if anything happens. Or give it to a modder to do it?

For many of us, H1Z1 Just Survive has been the very first survival game we have played and enjoyed. New Games; Updates; Industry; Community; Events; Interviews; Science; Sunsets; Week in Review Status of Just Survive FEB 27,2019 ... let people know that NantG is working with Daybreak to bring JS back and that supporting Z1 Battle Royale and the NantG team is the best shot at getting your OG Z1 survival fix back. Chuck U. Farlie. Anonymous User started this petition to Daybreak Game Company. The future of H1Z1’s zombie survival component Just Survive has been in limbo for some time now, ever since a joint venture with Daybreak Games granted NantWorks — under the umbrella of NantG Mobile — responsibility for the title’s future. LA Times Owner & NantWorks Partner with Daybreak for Mobile H1Z1 & EverQuest Games & More - News. The gaming world moved on without so much as a ripple. Our prayers have been answered and Jace Hall himself announced on the H1Z1 (Z1 Battle Royale) twitch live … 0 have signed. That being said, there is hope for all of us survivors out there.