And there was this kind of transitional period where I lived in this actual white room and was trying to come to terms with various things that were going on. Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings ... Or the white room solo?

How do you make a White Room by Cream Tone? Eric Clapton’s Vox V846 Wah-Wah Pedal According to Eric, he used a Vox wah pedal to record “White Room” from Cream’s 1968 album Wheels Of Fire .

When used together, you can adjust the pedal for an unbelievably thick, smooth sound that will make you never want to put you … Clocking in at a frugal $50, the Wah Wah IIs have seven pins per side, replaceable of course, and weigh 360 grams per pair. In this tutorial I'm gonna teach you how to play the classic rock song 'White Room', as made famous by Cream. Stephen Mercier guitar jam to White Room by Cream with Cry Baby Wah! All the single note lead work in White room has a wah on it. OP if you are after the "White Room" sound then a RMC4 Pic wah by RMC is a pretty good option. Combine our three basic wah sounds, WHITE ROOM (thick and Creamy), VOODOO (Midrange growl), and SHAFT (sharp and funky), with our amazing BLUE DOO overdrive and you have the incredible BLUES BAWLS. Guitar World also placed it on its 2015 ranking of the “10 Greatest Wah Pedal Songs of All Time”. The glass-fiber reinforced nylon material is hard, durable, lightweight and most appealing — cheap. VOX are marketing this as a classic 'reissue' of their original wah pedals and I would agree with that. Anyone got any evidence/photo's to back up a claim for or against? “White Room” was produced by … Who produced this classic? That is to say that legendary guitarist Eric Clapton most-effectively used a wah-wah pedal on this track. Known for its slashing wah-wah guitar solo, pounding drums and halting drug-inspired lyrics, “White Room” remains one of Cream’s heavily trafficked songs. On a more serious note, I guess a Gibson-type guitar, a Marshal-alike distortion, and a wah pedal … Das Jimi Hendrix JH1S Wah Wah Pedal ist frequenzmäßig etwas tiefer ausgelegt als das Cry Baby. The Wah Wah II joins the fast-growing market of composite pedals. Clapton credited Hendrix with introducing him to the sound, via Hendrix’s “Burning of the Midnight Lamp” tune. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (1968) Another good option would be a BBE Ben wah or the Joe Bonnamasa Sig Crybabay if you dont have the 200+ for a RMC or some other boutique pedal, either of these would be a great option for what you are looking for in tone. He uses a wah and for a while there he used to use a chorus in the 80's...oh and the leslie he uses on "Badge". It definitely reminds me of the solo on White Room. White Room by Cream song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position ... Eric Clapton used a wah-wah pedal on his guitar. The wah or overdrive can be used alone or at the same time. So all you need is a Marshall amp, bucker equipped guitar, and a wah like blas said.