No curdle - will behave like fresh milk; curdle, use with caution, even if within date and smelling fine. If you store your milk in the refrigerator and it tastes rancid or sour, it has likely gone bad and should not be fed to your baby. "Bad" does not equal "poison" so you can skirt along the line of "getting old" safely. However, when it comes to which flavors you like and don't like, everyone has a different experience.

Not a strong flavor, but the texture is like liquid velvet going down your throat. Have you ever heard of this? It will taste different than cow’s milk, but any flavor other than rancid/sour is acceptable. Milk and cereal. 11. Please help us.   So breast milk, just like any other food, may taste different to … “Thick milk. Similar to the previous “sniff test,” taste your breast milk. Nuking a quarter cup for 30 seconds to see if it curdles works for me. :S I don’t really eat cereal that often though, and I certainly haven’t eaten it today. The fresher the milk, the stronger the flavor - a little sweet, a little umami - grassy and fatty notes. “When I give him head, his penis tastes like milk & cereal.
We hadn’t noticed the smell before and haven’t noticed any negative effects. Taste Your Breast Milk. Did I waste all that milk?Sent by MaggieEditor:Readers, what do you think?Related: Got (Too Much) Milk? 3. We had been using the milk for a couple of days for cereal and things, and there was about a half a gallon left. Taste is developed over time depending on your genetics, your culture, and the foods that you're exposed to throughout your life. “It tastes like old pennies. Really good. Delicious! Freeze It For Later! But I told him "Strawberry filling doesn't taste like strawberry either", so he asked a friend and his friend said the filling tastes like strawberry milkshake but that doesn't taste like strawberry either so now we're trying to figure out what the fuck strawberry filling and strawberry milkshake and strawberry milk tastes like because none of them taste like the strawberry fruit. Like, musty old pennies. Really.” —Rachel, 24 . Even though most adults I know have wondered what breast milk tastes like, people can also get really squeamish about it. I guess it's understandable. Oh, and P.S. Actually, not thick—thicc.” —Gina, 29 . And I don’t mean that his precum or cum (I don’t let him cum in my mouth) tastes like it, just his penis tastes like milk & cereal…or is it me? 24.