Watch Reply. If this show wasn’t enough they also put on a … It immediately went into shock and eventually lost all its leaves. One is at our city house and was a 12 year specimen when we planted it over 5 years ago. Tricolor Beech is a dense deciduous tree with a shapely oval form. Mark unread ... Mark unread Print Skip to new. The beech trees nut contains 20% protein and feeds numerous small and … The Beech tree nut is called a beechnut". They finally turn bronze-gold in the fall. Slow grower. Grows the same as River's Beech but leaves have a striking pink and white edge.

Potted. Rarely gets to the upper levels of height or width. Potted. Grows 50-60 feet in height. The American Beech Tree is a shade tolerant deciduous tree that reaches 60' at maturity. Flower Color: No: Garden Style: Rustic, Cottage: Design Ideas: This is the ideal purple-pink Beech for smaller city lots.

I planted a seven-foot tri-color European Beech Tree in late spring. long (10 cm), emerge purple with pink margins in spring, mature to dark bronze-green with pinkish white margins as the season progresses. Tri-Colored Beech Trees for Sale Online. Truly there is no finer specimen tree; so beautiful that it overwhelms one at first glance. The Beech tree is known as “The Tree of Learning.” Wildlife: Nuts are a favorite food of the black duck, wood duck, turkey, ruffed grouse, bobwhite, and a variety of woodpeckers. The European Beech tree is a cousin to our own American Beech, but has a much longer history of cultivation in gardens. They're also very disease and insect resistant as well. Tri color beech, Fagus sylvatica ‘Roseo-Marginata’ is a striking tree that one doesn’t soon forget.

As a result, only a few hard-to-find named selections of American Beech exist (the rest are raised from seed), whereas many different varieties of European Beech may be found for sale… Fagus sylvatica 'Purpurea Tricolor' (European Beech) is a beautiful, small, deciduous tree noted for its striking variegated foliage.
The American Beech Tree's nuts often attract many forms of wildlife, including pigeons, squirrels, and bluejays. One of the best trees for autumn color, 'Roseomarginata' holds its own with Japanese Maples, Dogwoods, and other stars of the fall garden. More. Tri-colored Beech Tree Problem. And after the leaves finally drop into a shimmery copper pool on the garden floor, the bare gray bark of this tree… The leaves, 4 in. Use it for shade, along an entry drive or as a street tree. It is a stunning specimen tree with an overall pink color that will make a wonderful addition to the landscape. I have been keeping it watered, hoping it will survive because it still appears to have greenish buds at the ends of the stems. Beech Trees are typically understory trees, so they can grow in areas that don't get much sun. Foliage will burn in hot sun or dry winds so site accordingly. Grows the same as River's Beech but leaves have a striking pink and white edge. Large trees can be an important part of a home garden, providing focal points around which to add other landscape elements. The Story. Tricolor Tree Farm 1480 Hall Road West Chester, PA. 19380 Farm: 610-269-1034 Fax: 610-469-3838 Email: The striking foliage of the European Tri-Colored Beech Tree is purple with irregular creamy pink and rose margins.

Loon AuGres, MI(Zone 5b) Oct 12, 2005. Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or coarser trees or … Very cold hardy, the Beech can be both an accent among evergreens or planted in a grove and its color … Tricolor European Beech is very cold hardy (it doesn't do well in extreme heat and humidity) and likes some afternoon shade and regular watering. A beautiful specimen tree. How to Care for a Beech Tree. I have two tri-colored beech trees. Where to put it: Tricolor Beech is great for anywhere in the yard where you need a splash of color, and a unique specimen tree.