Multi-Lane Back Sealing Liquid Stick Packing Machine This machine suitable for liquid stick packaging such as sauces, juices, shampoos, jellies, creams, oils, vinegars, milk, popsicles, etc. FASTech offers stick pack machines for all levels of production demand, from entry level 2-lane stick pack machines to a 10 lane high speed, high quality and highly reliable machines! From entry-level, two line machines up to high-speed, ten line stick packers, Problend Ltd manufactures the world’s best stick pack equipment. Get Price

The FC series machines are simple, compact and deliver high performance. Our range of VFFS, sachet, stick pack and wet tissue machines is extensive, as well as the ancilliary equipment to go with each item. Stick to your budget with a rugged packaging machine running up to… Stick pack machine offers multi-lane packaging for all types of products. 's stick packaging machinery is among the best-selling in the world and features a wide range of capabilities. October 6 - October 8 2020. VFFS multilane packaging machine for big format stick pack MS-1200. Kraft, Nestlé, Ferrero, Unilever, Bayer, Novartis are just some of our customers, using OMAG packaging machinery every day in over 100 countries worldwide. SP-303 Stick Pack Packaging Machines for Liquid and Powder.
Melbourne, Australia. Our packaging equipment include specialised dosing systems for any type of product (liquid, powder, tablet, granulate or pieces) offering space- and cost-effective results. T.H.E.M. We provide a wide … Call 920-564-5051 • Service 920-564-5086 Website of the event Make an appointment MSC Meeting and Exhibition. Stick pack machine offers multi-lane packaging for all types of products. Stick packs are becoming more popular every day from drink mixes to nutritional powders and everything in between, and our stick pack machines … Fully Automatic vertical Stick Pack packaging machine; Continuous motion; … The film is unwound from the film reel, positioned at the rear part of the machine. Stick pack machines use a single sheet of film material rolled around a core, usually referred to as rollstock. Stick to your budget with a rugged packaging machine running up to 50 cycles per minute.

Food Pro. They are … The film unwinding process is done by means of movement of the cross seal jaws, located at the front of the stick pack machine. July 5 - July 8 2020. The stick packaging machine, especially multi-channel machines, leaves a serious profit margin to the manufacturer. The Stick Pack Packaging Machine for High Productivity is an intermittent movement machine for tubular bags sealed on three sides and used in different product sectors. To use a multi-channel stick packaging machine, only one operator is required. USA. For 40 years, packaging machines for the food and pharmaceutical industries. MJS Packaging Services are experienced suppliers of good quality new, reconditioned and second hand packaging machines. The first multilane fully servormotorized machine for big format stick pack up to 115mm width. Food and Pharma packaging machines solutions: stick pack, sachet and strip packaging machines Advanced solutions for innovative packaging.

General Information. It is an advantageous gain gate with ease of use and the possibility of producing too much in a short time. Premier Tech offers industrial bagging machines, case packers, palletizers, pallet wrapping machines, conveyors, etc.. ... Tell us about the opportunities and challenges you face with your packaging operations. Booth #X14. Stick packs are becoming increasingly popular in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries and Problend Ltd has stick packaging machines and fillers for bulk, liquid and powdered products. Maximum Speed: Up to 80 Sticks/Min –per lane; Minimum Bag Size: 15mm(W) x 40mm(L) Maximum Bag Size: 100mm(W) x 180mm(L) Standard Electrical: 220v/480V 30amp Three Phase; Compressed air: 80L/min @6 bar; Machine Information.