Eames Demetrios at India Design ID February 15, 2020. Hear some of the biggest... Continue reading. Eames Demetrios wears many hats: exploring film, art, design and storytelling, each rewarding in their own way. Eames Demetrios Media 2014 all rights reserved It was–and continues to be–presented by Geographer-at-Large Eames Demetrios. India Design ID is the largest design conference in the country. An Eames Retrospective – Exhibition & Design Talk ... Art Matters Lecture: The Architecture of Richard Neutra and the Eameses May 09, 2019. Kcymaerxthaere is the name of an alternative universe that co-exists to some degree with ours. It was an objective attempt to capture the essence of the studio and design work created by Charles and Ray Eames and their multi-talented staff. There, between its bright yellow covers, are stories of the duo’s myriad works: furniture, printed material, toys; architecture, photography, exhibitions; their prodigious output of film. Demetrios reaches for An Eames Primer, his 2013 biography about the life, work and thoughts of Charles and Ray Eames that he has brought along as a gift. In 1988, filmmaker Eames Demetrios made the film, 901: After 45 Years of Working, a family record of the closing of the Eames Office shortly after the death of Ray. Author and filmmaker Eames Demetrios is a creator of worlds. Back to Top. His current large scale project is his parallel universe, Kcymaerxthaere, a global work of multivalent storytelling, telling stories through the physicality of the world.