Re: Great Salt Lake Wetlands In reply to evancj • Aug 26, 2015 Hi Evan, nice job on the BIF shots, all together beautiful. 75% of those wetlands surround the Great Salt Lake.

The study hasn’t been made public yet, but Kettenring summarized the findings.
FUNCTIONS OF A WETLAND. The levels of salt in the lake water can vary enormously but on average the salinity is about four times higher than sea water. As always comments and suggestions are welcome. There are 12 lakes in total with seven being permanent, while parts of the wetlands and 5 of the salt lakes dry up in summer.

They are ephemeral, meaning that they are only present at certain times of the year. Wetlands play an important role in a watershed. Ducks Unlimited's Great Salt Lake Wetlands Assessment Project is an integral component of the Utah Wetlands Initiative and has been underway since December 2004. Rottnest has a system of salt lakes which covers 10% of the Island at more than 200 hectares. Dr. Rebekah Downard collected dissertation field data from GSL wetlands during 2012–2015, the majority of which informed this work. While wetlands are a small percentage of the area in Utah (approx 1%) they have many important functions and benefits in our environment.
We invite you to schedule a wetlands education field trip for your group. Playa lakes are round hollows in the ground in the Southern High Plains of the United States. One of Kettenring’s graduate students, Brittany Duncan, studied grazing impacts to Great Salt Lake wetlands. Great Salt Lake Wetlands Aug 26, 2015 3 Her are a few shots I took earlier this month at one of my favorite wetlands near my home. Schedule a Classroom Field Trip Nearly 3,000 students visit the Great Salt Lake Nature Center annually, and the facility also hosts other youth and community groups such as the Boy Scouts of America, the Ogden Christmas Tree House, and the Boys & Girls Club. "Salt Lake County takes very seriously its role to improve environmental quality throughout the valley, not just in Salt Lake County (because) we're all connected in one valley," Shelton said. Wetland Plants of Great Salt Lake: a guide to identification, communities, & bird habitat is a wetland plant identification guide, resulting from collaborative research efforts about Great Salt Lake (GSL) wetland conditions and bird habitat.