Tell the chancellor: if he gives airlines a bailout, then they must protect their workers and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Network of Christian Peace Organisations - NCPO, Oxford, United Kingdom. Our flagship website maps and profiles over 1,500 local peacebuilding organisations working on the frontlines of war. Peace in our Land. Sign the letter. From website: "AVP is a nationwide and worldwide association of volunteer groups offering experiential workshops in conflict resolution, responses to violence, and personal growth. We are a broad group of organisations in the Christian peace tradition committed to furthering peace and encouraging our churches to support the peace movement. The Peace and Reconciliation Group was established in 1976 to build bridges and promote a peaceful and inclusive society for all in Northern Ireland. Published by Peace Direct, Peace Insight is the leading online resource for local peacebuilding in conflict zones worldwide. To become a primary support, a strong voice, and a trusted ally of every community in Nigeria in the process of peace building and social justice. Peace and Progress With nearly 3,000 projects offered annually all over the world, Volunteers For Peace has MANY diverse options for you to choose from.

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About the NCPO. Religious, Interfaith Organizations For Peace, National And International By Jahnabi Barooah In today's world, one could be easily be made to believe that religion primarily fosters hatred and violence. The Network of Christian Peace Organisations (NCPO) is a UK-based ecumenical network committed to peace as central to the meaning of church community. UK. The challenges we face; Take action; No blank cheques for polluting airlines. And throughout the World. The United Nations came into being in 1945, following the devastation of the Second World War, with one central mission: the maintenance of international peace and security. I / my organisation needs financial support We empathise with every individual and organisation that works for the respect of human rights but all the funds that we raise are to support our own projects and infrastructure.
Supporting Palestinian-led, nonviolent, grassroots resistance to the Israeli occupation and the unjust structures that uphold it. Peacebuilding UK’s mission is to support and build local capacities for peace and support civil society organizations in the Russian Federation, mainly in the North Caucasus. However, if you are not a human rights or peace organisation it is unlikely that we would have the capacity to create a partnership.

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Peace (The Peace Mantra) A very warm welcome to the Peace Mantra Foundation (which was formerly called the UK Peace Foundation).We have created this website so as to provide a freeresource of inspiration and encouragement for all who are interested in cultivating peace.