Animal Groups by chewitt99. Show More. The great variety of fish include the carnivorous piranha, the electric eel, and the laulao , a catfish that often attains a weight of more than 200 pounds.

Adobe Photoshop 7.0. ... African Savanna Animals African Wild Dog Desert Animals Animals Of The World Animals And Pets Savanna Biome Afrika Tattoos Animals Information Animal Illustrations. 2016), harbors 1002 fish species (Reis et al. See More by rogerdhall. Image size. Six species of the cat family inhabit the forested interior, including jaguars, ocelots, pumas, and margays. The Orinoco River Basin received a B-. 6000x5208px 19.55 MB. . The muskrat is a large, burrowing vole that is native to North America and Eurasia. The Orinoco crocodile is one of the world's longest crocodile species and can reach 20 feet in length. Animals that live in rivers include fish, some insect larvae and reptiles, such as turtles. Favorite Art by DrewBoy89. . Orinoco crocodile. Comments 0. Mammals, such as river otters, beavers and muskrats, also live in rivers, as do amphibians, such as frogs and salamanders. Fauna & Flora in the Orinoco Delta: The Orinoco Delta's wildlife exhibits considerable variety.

The Animals of the Orinoco River More than 1,000 species of birds visit the Orinoco river; among the more spectacular are the scarlet ibis, the bellbird, the umbrella bird, and numerous parrots. Featured in collections. The Orinoco River Basin, with an area of 981,446 km 2 , shared between Venezuela (65 %) and Colombia (35 %) ( Lasso et al. ... Fine art illustration of various species of animal native to the savannas of Africa Animals of the African Savanna. Weight in males can be up to 635 kilograms and 317 in females. There are also over 1000 species of fish found in the river.

10. Several types of monkeys also live in the Delta, among them howler and spider monkeys, long-tailed capuchins, and nocturnal douroucoulis. The Orinoco is home to such animal anomalies as the giant otter, the anaconda and the boto river dolphin. Software. You Might Like . Media in category "Animals of Orinoco River" The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total. Orinoco River, Spanish Río Orinoco, major river of South America that flows in a giant arc for some 1,700 miles (2,740 km) from its source in the Guiana Highlands to its mouth on the Atlantic Ocean. The Orinoco is a main river in northern South America.It is one of the longest rivers in South America, at 2,140 km (1,330 mi). IMAGE DETAILS. Animals of the Orinoco River Valley. Fine art illustration of some of the unique animals native to the Orinoco River Valley in the Amazon. Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios in autotrophs, aquatic invertebrates and fishes from the Orinoco River floodplain of Venezuela reveal that microalgae, including both phytoplankton and epiphytic (attached) forms, are predominant energy sources for many aquatic animals, even though aquatic vascular plants are much more abundant.

The Orinoco Crocodile derives the name from the habitat of the Orinoco river. Yes the Orinoco crocodile inhabits the middle and lower parts of the Orinoco river in Venezuela and Colombia. The report card serves as a model for building comprehensive, community-driven, scientifically credible basin assessments that can work around the world. In its entirety, the report card shows a basin in transition, facing real and immediate threats from land use change, loss of forest cover, and ecosystem transformation. Orinoco crocodiles can grow to massive length of up to 6.6 meters though currently no such length has been recorded. The Orinoco River is home to many different species including the giant anaconda, giant river otters, river dolphins, and the Orinoco crocodile which is critically endangered today. Throughout most of its course it flows through Venezuela , except for a section that forms part of the frontier between Venezuela and Colombia . The infamous black spot piranha makes its home there along with the cardinal tetra fish.