CO-PO Mapping and Attainment Booklet for Tier-II students with Rubrics Assessment VAKulkarni , B. LEX AND YACC MATERIALS-15CSL67. Consist of following courses: MU-202: Kinematics of Machines MU-204: Strength of Material-II MU-206: Applied Thermodynamics MU-208: Fluid … Mechanics MU-207: Thermodynamics MU-209: Manufacturing Science -I. CO-PO Mapping of 4th Sem.

Consist of following courses: MU-201: Strength of Material MU-203: Fluid Mechanics MU-205: Engg. CO-PO Mapping Download (.doc): CO-PO Mapping for EEE Program Courses Download(.doc): CO-PO Mapping for Other Program Courses Serviced by EEE Faculty Sample CO-PO Mapping Course Educational Objectives(CEO) and Course Outcomes (CO) for EEE Program Download: CEO, CO and PO-CO Mapping for individual Courses The software mainly emphasises and supplies college faculty members with curriculum design so that they can create an appropriate lesson plan, map COs to POs, build question banks and this is just the tip of the iceberg. COURSES-CO-PO-PSO-Mapping with Justification. SS & CD Notes-15CS63-CBCS-Scheme. In Case Password is forgotten,try Forgot Password option or Contact your RBTE. Our OBE and Bloom's compliant outcome based education software maps all 5 levels of outcomes with 3 different domains of the Bloom's taxonomy namely the cognitive, affective and psychomotor. Shri. It addresses all the above mentions issues and automatically resolves them. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. Uday Samant, Minister H&TE, Hon. Module Selection is not Mandatory field but on selection it will directly redirect to you on Selected Module. It is also the exact place to explore how students are meeting program-level outcomes at the course level.

Let us know that the Winter Diploma exam was organized in October and November 2018. Profile.

Current Poll. CO-PO mapping software is a useful tool designed to manage the curriculum. CLO - CO - PO - PSO - MAPPING WITH JUSTIFICATION 2. COURSE OBJECTIVES AND OUTCOMES 2. 5 Levels of Outcomes Mapping for Outcome Based Education. CO-PO Mapping Print Email CO-PO Mapping of 3rd Sem. This level of outcomes mapping focuses on student learning and it allows faculty to create a visual map of a program. You can see it by visiting the board's official website COURSES-CO-PO-PSO-Mapping with Justification. DOTNET FRAMEWORK FOR APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT - 2019-20 - ODD 1. Shri. 32nd meeting of Governing Council of MSBTE held on 11/2/2020 at Sydenham College, Mumbai.

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Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular activities; Syllabus B.Tech CE_2010; Syllabus B.Tech CE_2016; Syllabus B.Tech CE_2017; Syllabus M.Tech_2010 ; B.Tech IT Syllabus ; Syllabus_M.Tech_2016; Syllabus M.Tech(CE/CN/IT)_2017; Syllabus M.Tech CSE 2017 for Affiliated Colleges; Lecture_Plan_2018; Study_Material_Students ; CO PO Mapping_New ; Schemes-Syllabus(AICTE-Model) 2018; Lecture_Plan … Aligning program level outcomes with course-level outcomes is the second level of mapping. Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE) has issued the result of the Winter Diploma Examination. Dignitaries seen are Hon.

Saurabh Vijay, Secretary H&TE, Director DTE, Director MSBTE and & Other Members. Mapping of course outcomes can be a tedious task for the staff and management. Do not share your password. Student of the Year. Level 2: CO - PO MAPPING. Enter Institute Code and Password and Click on Login Button. …