Every whisky in the blend is triple distilled and between 12 and 25 years of age. The 2010 edition of Midleton Very Rare, selected by former master distiller, Barry Crockett. It is a very good whiskey. Entdecken Sie doch die weiteren Produktangebote von Midleton oder stöbern Sie gleich im Markenshop von Midleton - es gibt noch viel Genussvolles zu entdecken!

Sourcing actor, importer and exclusive distributor of a portfolio of international brands, La Maison du Whisky is, … 2010 Midleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey (750ml) SKU #996343. Midleton Very Rare is the most exclusive whiskey ever produced in Ireland. Midleton Very Rare 2010 is a limited edition annual release, usually less than 2500 cases. This allows enthusiasts and collectors to enjoy the variances year on year and create a new experience every time you sample another year.

Its coloring is a little darker than a standard pour of the more familiar Jameson. Zwischen 12 und 25 Jahre alt sind die beteiligten Whiskey des Midleton Very Rare.Alle beteiligten Whiskey reifen in Bourbonfässern. Irish Blend Whiskey. The best choice of whisky midleton. It is considered the very best Irish Whiskey possible and looking through Irish eyes - the best in the world!.

Midleton Very Rare is only available in strictly limited quantities as just a small number of casks of the finest distillates are

In fact the handcrafted nature of the whiskey creates a unique offering that has subtle but recognisable differences between the years. Slight scratch on the side of the box which can clearly be seen in the images.

Whisky - Fox rät: reinschauen.

Distilled three times by John Jameson and Son, the whiskey is carefully aged in individually chosen oak casks.

Each year since 1984 the Distillery has celebrated its distilling and maturing expertise with a limited bottling of Midleton Very Rare. Certificate and distillery also included. Special Holiday price!!! Midleton Very Rare 2010.

The flagship blend from Ireland's biggest distillery (home of Jameson), it is a small batch blend released annually, generally to universal acclaim. USA: (NY) Massapequa Park. sales tax Go to Shop Village Wines and Spirits.

As of 2014 it's the new Master Distiller Brian Nation who hand picks the the whiskeys that go into Very Rare… Holzbox - ideales Geschenk & Sammlerstück – 1 x 0,7 … Bottle Number 3075. The nose is A limited release, only 50 casks of Midleton are released every year, it really is very rare!

Midleton Very Rare (I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of the 2010 vintage) is straightforward, and bottled at 40% alcohol.