Ever wanted to make Megaman robot masters?

Her stage is a bit too colorful though. Example: Thunder Man is a storm powered robot master with very fast speed. Ripped & Captured Sprite Sheets. For Mega Man 10 on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "The 8 Robot Master Sprites". Winterclaw Cyrex - (32 Bits Style) Yukino67 24 9 battle routine set BrielleTea 37 6 Custom Robot Masters: Weapon Get Cyberguy64 95 5 MegaMan CD Calamity Stage Select Concept TorchicZK 31 2 Mega Man Fangame: Stage select Cyberguy64 68 12 Some sprites in MM7 style TorchicZK 26 1 Buyter Blue MateusCarvalho564 18 1 International Robot Masters #1 PlayerMan2006 1 0 my OC's walking … Rainbowman looks lke it has the coolest and funniest moveset. I think he will be funny to encounter. Cometwoman also has nice colors and a lovable pose. Megaman Robot Master beadsprites. I absolutely love everything about the series, especially the classic series. Dr. Wily and Robot Masters Mega Man and Allies Other Sprites. Sprites from Mega Man 7 and 8 also come from the Rockman 7 & 8 FC games (a special thanks goes out to them for making these sprites and cool 8-bit ports)! I enjoyed working on them so much I decided to keep them.

The two exceptions to this are Slash Man and Frost Man, both 8-bits sprites are from Mega Man 10 as a cameo as a Wily Castle boss, the "Weapons Archive" along with a number of other faces on this list.

As most of you would know or probably guess, I’m a huge Megaman/Rockman fan.


Think of a concept. Although I’ve been making them for years, I’ve only mentioned my beadsprites here and there here on my site. He has nice colors to! How to Make a Megaman Robot Master. Sprites INC /Classic/ /Classic/ Major Character Sprites: Classic Series Games: Mega Man (NES) Mega Man 2 (NES) Mega Man 3 (NES) *The 6 Masters *Fortress Bosses *Enemies *Weapons *Tilesets *Miscellaneous *Unused *Powered Up (PSP) - 2D Elements *The 8 Masters *Fortress Bosses *Enemies *Weapons *Tilesets *Miscellaneous *Unused *The 8 Masters *Fortress Bosses *Doc Robot …

I think it’s time to change that. Download this Sheet | Return to Sheet | Return to Game. Well here is a guide to help you make one. An old file I had with unused Robot Master sprites when I was designing my 8 for the Mega Man Alpha Robot Masters. Mega Man 2 - Robot Masters - Wood Man. Yo-yo man looks like a very intressting robot master.

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