Byrne / Whiten, Machiavellian Intelligence, 1988, Buch, 978-0-19-852175-4. However, the evolution of computational thought and the ability to understand other individuals' intentions are not well explained as products of selection for Machiavellian intelligence. It is in this sense that somebody alien to the purview of power, politics and manipulation is spectacularly introduced to an otherwise unfathomably unintelligible world. Machiavellian Intelligence book. The book does not educate you on becoming Machiavellian; instead, it matter-of-factly states how certain aspects of Machiavellianism work. Bücher schnell und portofrei This book forms a complete and self-contained text on this topic, including the origins of the idea, a wealth of exciting applications in anthropology, psychology, and zoology, and a current evaluation of more traditional ideas -to what extent is Machiavellian intelligence complementary or alternative to them? This book aims to explain the intelligence of monkeys and apes, and the huge brain expansion that marked human evolution. Quite different explanations may therefore be required for increases in intelligence that … Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. His books have been translated into Chinese, Korean, Thai and Indonesian. Jonathan studied philosophy at the University of Kent at Canterbury and spent the early part of his career in advertising sales and management with various national newspapers, including the … Machiavellian Intelligence by Richard W. Byrne available in Trade Paperback on, also read synopsis and reviews. "In summary, the reader of Machiavellian Intelligence will find the book promising for generating new hypotheses and additional questions about the evolution of intelligence, phylogenetic differences in social intelligence, and sources of selection pressure for attentional manipulation such as deception, to mention just a few.