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Potatoes are an excellent carb source and culinary staple that can be added to roasts, stews or as an addition to a meal. Determinate and indeterminate potatoes are defined by growth patterns.

And for crispy roasted potatoes, nothing is better, they get a good crackly crunch and a creamy interior that cannot be beat. Select between determinate and indeterminate varieties depending on factors like yield, garden space, and amount of labor. Its namesake pays homage to the Yukon River and gold rush country and … Kennebec: Versatile and perfect for making chips, this thin-skinned potato is oval in shape with a flesh color ranging from white to a very pale yellow. I have grown Russet, Yukon Gold, Red Norlands and Kennebec potatoes in the past. Popular all-purpose potato with smooth skin and texture, white flesh, shallow eyes.

You may also opt for the Norland, a red-skinned potato that is resistant to scab.

White potatoes, such as Superior, Kennebec, and Shepody potatoes: “Kennebec potatoes are smooth with buff-white skin and flesh, and are good for baking, broiling and roasting,” says Barnier. It's best mashed, roasted or fried. Early season plants take up less room in the garden than other varieties, and they are less prone to potato blight, as they are generally harvested before the disease has a chance to take hold.

I just bought 60 lbs. They are often used interchangeably. Several different varieties of potato fall into each category, so there are plenty from which to choose.

Q: Can you please give me more information on Yukon Gold potatoes? KENNEBEC: An all-rounder and old favourite with white firm flesh and thin skin. The truth is, yukon gold potatoes are a type of yellow potato. Yellow potatoes come in many varieties, and are usually a very soft potato so work well in mashed potato recipes, but don't hold together firmly enough for things like fries and salads. Purple Peruvian or Blue Potatoes Like Yukon golds, these purple or blue-fleshed spuds have a medium starch content, making them equally delicious mashed, roasted, or in salads. Yukon Gold's are excellent baking potatoes, and are great mashed.

Round to oval, light-yellow skin with pink splash around the eyes. White potatoes such as Superior, Kennebec and Shepody potatoes are smooth with a buff skin and flesh. Current Facts Yukon Gold potatoes, botanically classified as Solanum tuberosum ‘Yukon Gold,’ were the first potato bred in Canada to be mass marketed by name. I am in Winnipeg, and I find YG about six months of the year. Indeterminate potatoes are loved by farmers, companies, and serious gardeners because they can grow upwards and produce tons of edible tubers. The Kennebec has great potato qualities and, though this strain of potato has been around for over 50 years, it's just beginning to get its due and being noticed by better restauranteurs. Potatoes are not a very wise vegetable to grow if you have limited space such as we do but for experimental purposes they have been fun to grow for the past two years. Potato : Yukon Gem Mid-season variety resistant to blight, higher yields than Yukon Gold. Yukon Gold potatoes are available year-round. Growing potatoes home is fun and easy. Much higher yields that Yukon Gold and every bit as good. Full Description. Yellow Fleshed vs Yukon® Gold Potatoes. of potatoes. It is similar to the Yukon Gold in terms of culinary use, adapting well to mashing and baking as well as boiling because of its medium starch and moisture content. They tend to seem a little buttery and lean towards a slightly sweet taste. A classic example is the Yukon Gold. Others, like the Yukon Gold, are easy to grow and make amazing mashed potatoes. Once you know which type of potato you need for your particular dish, you can be as creative as you'd like when choosing varieties at the market.

Earlies are, unsurprisingly perhaps, the earliest to mature. Yukon Gold potatoes are by far the most popular and most recognizable for this versatile group; other varieties include Red Gold and Kennebec. Red Norland versus Kennebec Potato of potatoes from a local Mennonite farmer here in South Western Ontario, Canada. GOLDEN DELIGHT: An oval, all-rounder potato with yellow smooth skin and cream flesh. I asked two or three times specifically for Yukon Gold—and the reply was “Yes, these are Yukon Gold”.