Weed the planting site at least 6-weeks before planting, and ensure that you remove any secondary weeds sprouting when you want to plant your hedge. Laurels will also provide the most instant hedging as the taller sizes (4ft, 5ft and 6ft) are bushy and can often create an instant screen if planted close enough.

If you want a quick screen then plant your laurel hedging plants at 2ft apart but if you are willing to wait a bit longer, you will get just as dense a hedge by planting at 3ft apart. Hi, I hope somebody can help me out by answering a couple of questions I have about laurel. It is not particular about soil type and will grow just fine next to the ocean. I want to plant a hedge against it on my garden side to provide privatcy from neighbours but worried the fence may get damaged.

Laurel hedges should be planted 3 to the yard, laurel hedges can be planted in most soil conditions. When you are planting a new Laurel hedge we always recommend using bone meal, this is a natural organic fertiliser that should be well mixed with the soil. When to prune, when to feed, how to. But like all young shrubs, the first 2 years, they need consistent watering until established. When planting a Portuguese laurel, first make sure you have the right location for it. Portugal laurel, Prunus lusitanica , is planted in fall or in spring as long as it doesn’t... Propagating Portugal laurel. The hardy Portuguese Laurel hedge is a popular choice for those wanting a dense hedge that is relatively easy to maintain. Does anybody know what distance from the fence I should plant the laurel to allow it to grow without damaging the fence. Portuguese Laurel (Prunus lusitanica) is also known as Portugal Laurel and although it has been around for a long time, has only recently gained significant popularity as a mainstream hedging plant. It requires full sun to partial shade and soil that will be moist to dry but with no standing water.

Morphology: Portugal laurel features leathery, glossy, dark-green leaves which are 5" long and 2" wide. Description Originating in Spain & Portugal this broadleaf evergreen laurel is grown extensively in areas west of the Cascades as either a sheared hedge, as a single specimen plant, or as small garden tree if the lower limbs are removed. Treatment of Laurel Hedge plants straight after planting In terms of pruning, do nothing.Laurel is an evergreen and as such it is never truly dormant although activity in colder months is slow. They do better in shade and also dry soils. Portugal laurel, a nice hedge shrub Planting Portugal laurel. The spreading habit of the Portuguese Laurel makes it easy to maintain, and with annual pruning, it quickly forms a dense. Being it is planted under oak trees, it is better to have Portuguese Laurel. Regular pruning will maintain a tight shape but reduce flowering, whereas annual pruning after flowering will create a more casual shape with plenty of flowers. They are technically in the Prunus genus and they are not “true” laurels at all! Portuguese Laurel, also known as Portugal Laurel or Prunus lusitanica makes an ideal hedge plant, used for topiary, as a bush, for screening or grown as an attractive evergreen tree.
see more; Family Rosaceae . In the summer, small fragrant white flowers appear on this Laurel hedging, followed by red berries in the autumn that soon turn black.
A typical laurel hedge will grow 12-24 inches per year. Laurel is the quickest growing evergreen hedging plant that isn't a conifer, so if you don't want a conifer hedge, Laurel is the quickest and cheapest way of creating an evergreen hedge.

Laurel hedging is one of our most popular varieties of hedging plants. The distance you plant English laurel hedges (Prunus laurocerasus) depends on the desired effect you want in the landscape -- … Portugal Laurel, Portuguese Laurel (Prunus lusitanica) Portugal Laurel (Portuguese Laurel, Prunus lusitanica) is a beautiful evergreen shrub that forms a dense hedge. This stunning hedge is both fast-growing and easy on the eyes. Customers often ask us what is the best fertiliser for Laurel hedging plants.The most suitable feed depends on which stage the hedge is at. Portugal Laurel is very effective as a hedging/screening plant that can be kept clipped from 1 … We recommend planting Leylandii, Laurel and most other evergreen shrubs* between 60cm and 100cm apart (approximately 2-3 feet apart).

The fruit … Genus Prunus can be deciduous or evergreen trees or shrubs with showy flowers in spring, and often good autumn foliage colour. Cuttings in summer are well-suited and usually successful with Portugal laurel. How to Plant Portuguese Laurel. Hedges Ireland By Readyhedge IRL Ltd . Portuguese Laurel hedge (Prunus lusitanica) description Evergreen Prunus lusitanica displays pointed, glossy green leaves that contrast well with the maroon-purple stems.