There are no formal education requirements to become a leasing agent in Florida. As common as renting is, the path to becoming a leasing agent isn’t always clear. Yes, if you are acting in a capacity that requires you to be licensed. There are no specific educational requirements for an apartment leasing agent, but those with a business degree or professional credentials may have a leg up when it comes to being hired. In Illinois, you must obtain a license in order to work as a residential leasing agent.

A residential leasing agent is an employee of a real estate broker and engages in licensing activities limited to leasing residential real estate. A: To become an apartment leasing consultant, you may not need to meet any specific educational requirements beyond a high school diploma, but many leasing companies and apartment complexes require or prefer job candidates with bachelor’s degrees and real estate experience. Becoming a leasing agent can be very lucrative in New York. Obtaining your residential leasing agent license is a great beginning to a rewarding real estate career. Nearly 48% of people across the state rent, and in New York City a staggering 78% of people are renters. You will work with several other leasing agents on a rotating schedule and answer directly to the assistant property manager.

An entry-level leasing agent salary for someone with five years or less experience is about $30,000 per year. How to Become a Leasing Broker. Here are 8 of the top leasing agent skills that can help take a decent leasing agent to the top of their field. Qualification Required to Become a Leasing Agent. NALP can help you learn more about leasing, enhance your selling skills, and gain recognition in your career. While some employers may prefer that you hold a high school diploma and possess basic computer skills, an ability to lease apartments, provide excellent customer service and handle administrative functions are the main skills needed as a leasing agent. If I am already employed, do I need to register for a Residential Leasing Agent license course? Most states these days as well as real estate companies require a license in the field if you want to work legally. What is the best certification for a leasing agent? In the high pace, competitive world that is multifamily real estate, the leasing agent needs to be more advanced and honed than ever before. If you do, you can become a leasing agent. As a Leasing Agent, you will become the public face of our property and will serve as the key liaison between management and our current and prospective renters. Do you possess exceptional sales and customer service skills?

If you work as a leasing agent in the multifamily property industry, the National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP) certification is the first certification you should obtain.

Research the education requirements and learn about the experience you need to advance your career in property management. Education. Find out how to become a property leasing manager. In simple terms, leasing brokers make money by finding the right rentals for others, be it an apartment to live in or computer equipment for the office. To comply with current law, any agent required to hold a license should immediately register as a student and begin pursuing the process of obtaining a license.