A two-leg coast-to-coast trip would have been more difficult with the original HondaJet. HondaJet Engine.

HondaJet benefits: Maternity leave, Paternity leave, healthcare, flex-time, on-site childcare and more The HondaJet, with its low price, reasonable running costs and extreme ease of use, makes high-speed private jet travel as straightforward as driving a car, and just as attractive to own. We can help you with your purchase decision.

“The Hondajet is meant to evoke the image of being the sports car of business jets. The HondaJet features natural laminar flow wings developed independently by Honda. Enjoy our all-inclusive, luxury concierge service at no additional cost to you. Yet the location of the engines … Regardless, a ­cross-country trip with one stop is certainly possible in the HondaJet Elite on most days.

Reported anonymously by Honda employees. Explore Honda's jet technologies, design, and vision. This means that HondaJet flies farther than most of the airplanes in its class and may make some more destinations accessible within the reach of a single hop. Official Site of HondaJet Corporate Jet Technology. All associates are encouraged to pursue their dreams, for they will lead to new insights and technologies in aviation.

Enjoy our all-inclusive, luxury concierge service at no additional cost to you. We can help you with your purchase decision.

ABOUT HONDAJET ELITE A breakthrough in aeronautics, the over-the-wing engine mount on the HondaJet was engineered and proven by Honda after more than … HondaJet Owners and Pilots Association. Honda's engineering research team determined, through theoretical and real-world testing, the optimal location for an above-the-wing engine that would create a favorable aerodynamic interference and decrease the overall wind drag.
A light next to the port alerts the fuelers when to slow the flow rate as the tank fills. The result of 20 years of aviation research, HondaJet innovations include a patented over-the-wing engine-mount configuration, a natural-laminar flow (NLF) wing and fuselage nose and an advanced all-composite fuselage structure. As part of the change to the Elite, the port was moved higher on the fuselage, allowing line staff to fuel more aggressively without fear of getting fuel splashed on them.

Honda benefits and perks, including insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and vacation policy. The HondaJet has an unusual single fuel filler port on the aft right side of the fuselage, as opposed to more typical over-the-wing fuel ports on light jets. It also provides Associates with an opportunity to plan for their future through our retirement programs.
HondaJet Elite, an upgraded version of HondaJet has an even greater range of 1,400 nm. The HondaJet's natural laminar flow wings not only increase flight speed and contribute to greater fuel efficiency, but also have a higher wing thickness ratio* than other models of the same class, allowing a larger volume of fuel to be carried.