Field or corn poppy (Papaver rhoeas L.) is one of the frequently represented flowers in ancient Egyptian art.Field poppies grew as weeds among ancient Egyptian cereal crops but were also cultivated. However, to the ancient Egyptians, flowers were an important aspect of daily life. Flowers were grown in the forecourt of the temple of Re north of Heliopolis. Written sources started to mention them a few thousand years ago, but it is known that roses were also cherished in Ancient Egypt - rose petals have been discovered in many tombs and paintings of roses were even discovered in the tomb of the pharaoh Thutmose IV, … Egyptian flora is represented by a wide variety of desert plants & trees, flowers and unique desert herbs.

The Ancient Egyptians knew the power of roses and at Flowerlink, we know it, too. Plants indigenous to ancient Egypt included flowers, reeds and herbs, all of which were useful to the people, making them an important part of the culture. In ancient Egypt, people loved to maintain and use gardens for making their surroundings smell good and look beautiful. Frequently represented in Egyptian garden, the crimson flowers were used to fashion fresh bouquets, which also played an important part in the cult of the gods. Flowers were the pride of their gardens. Ancient Egypt was perhaps the first country to recognize "national" plants.

Plants were used to make furniture, baskets and paper, while others had medicinal uses. The Gardens and Ponds of Ancient Egypt.

Specifically, these were the Lotus (water lily) and Papyrus, symbolizing Upper and Lower Egypt, respectively. Nile Delta is a green oasis where many kinds of beautifully blooming trees and bushes are easily found. Lotus flower adorning an unguent cone and a small collar used as a hair ornament (TT113). Mesmerise your better half and send flowers to Egypt from around the world in no time. Tomb paintings show offerings of foodstuffs and garden produce including vegetables and fruit, on top of which bouquets of flowers were placed. That’s why we are dedicated to providing you with the world’s freshest, most beautiful roses, because someone you care about deserves the very best. In ancient Egypt there were two main types of lotus that grew, the white, and the blue (scientifically a waterlily, but symbolically a lotus). Sign Up Now, Get 10% Off!

Flowers in ancient Egyptian floral arrangements. In ancient Egypt, flowers were cultivated in order to make bouquets, not just for gardens’ owners but also to honour the gods. In ancient Egypt, flowers were a vital part of the culture.

by Jimmy Dunn. In the beginning, everyone used to have gardens but soon the wealthy became the main owners of large gardens and had vast garden areas in their palaces. It is believed that the foremost flower arrangements were done in Egypt. Seal the best moments of your life with our flower bouquet delivery to Egypt as a token of profound memories. Specific Egyptian flowers were used to identify different parts of Egypt similar to how we use a State Flower now. Gardens were even planted for Amun in the southern and northern oases, manned "with gardeners from the captives of the countries". Still others were, of … ©Lise Manniche. The blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea Savigny) was the most popular flower in ancient Egypt. Sign up to receive Special Offers and Promotions . It takes less than a few minutes to order flowers online Egypt by login on to our website. Further to this another type, the pink lotus flower was introduced into Egypt sometime during the late period of their civilization.

The Lotus was the symbol of Upper Egypt whilst the Papyrus was the symbol of Lower Egypt. Flora of Egypt.