Non-Polar Gases in Solution • The solubility of gases decrease with increasing temperatures . Exception: gaseous solutes dissolve more in liquid solvents at higher pressures than at lower pressures. • Non-polar gases have very little attraction to polar liquids.

When you have completed the quiz, your score will appear here---> Show all questions <= => Which factor would not affect the solubility of sugar in water? Over 1,200 Lessons: Get a Free Trial | Enroll Today. Factors Affecting the Solubility of Gases. Chemistry. Learning Made Easy. Factors That Affect Solubility (b) Temperature: The higher the temperature of the solvent the greater the solubility of the solute. • Higher temperatures means more kinetic energy to escape the already weak intermolecular forces. Heat the water and sugar ? Why Does Your Can of Soda Fizz Out When Opened? Exception: gaseous solutes dissolve less in hotter liquid solvents than in colder liquid solvents (c) Pressure: Pressure does not effect the solubility of most solutes in a solvent. Grind the sugar to make it finer ? On the other hand, t he solubility of non-polar solutes is the result of similar solute-solute, solute-solvent, and solvent-solvent interactions. Now You Know. Factors Affecting Solubility Polar and Non Polar Predicting Solubility Use differences in electronegativities to determine ionic nature of the compounds to help predict solubility.

Add salt to the water ? Factors Affecting Solubility. ? You will explore the change in solubility of a gas in a liquid while the pressure and temperature of the solution are changed. The solubility of ionic compounds is the result of the strong electrostatic interaction between the ions of the solute and the polar molecules of the solvent. • But, why? If the elements are polar or ionic then the compound will probably dissolve in water. If the elements are non-polar then the compound will probably not dissolve in water. Partial Pressure When you have a mixture of gases like air, the partial pressure is the amount of pressure any one of those gases would have if it … Consequently, factors affecting oxygen solubility are an important consideration for the health of aquatic environments. Factors Affecting Solubility - Section 8.2 Quiz. Warm vs Cold. Concept: Factors affecting solubility Concept Overview: When considering the solubility of gases in liquids, the pressure of the gas in contact with the liquid is important information.