Out of the 14 different finance models listed (including “Other”), equity-based crowdfunding was one of the five that experienced negative growth in 2017.

Equity crowdfunding has exploded onto the scene as a new way to get funding for a startup company. An example of a German equity platform would be Seedmatch. Crowdfunding markets within Europe are at different stages of maturity. Equity crowdfunding is currently operational and regulated in Germany. The equity crowdfunding market has been, and remains, dominated by Wefunder, StartEngine, and SeedInvest, with the three combining for just over 70 percent of the market in both 2018 and the first quarter of 2019. This platform enables individuals to invest or loan in small companies in return for equity or an annual return. Equity crowdfunding platforms allow businesses to sell parts of their company to the “crowd”. You invest small parts of money in a business and in turn receive equity in the company. Egalement connu sous l’appellation « investissement participatif« , il consiste en une prise de participation au capital par les apporteurs de capitaux.

Real estate continues to be a popular sector for equity crowdfunding, with more than 125 real estate crowdfunding sites in the US alone.

For non-accredited investors looking to buy equity, these are the portals with the volume, but that doesn't necessarily mean value. TOP 5 EQUITY CROWDFUNDING PLATFORMS IN EUROPE BY INNA BOYADZHIEVA Published on March 8, 2018 March 8, 2018 • 41 Likes • 3 Comments which equity crowdfunding represented $2.5 billion. It is registered in England and Wales. Crowdfunding markets around the world have experienced significant growth rates in recent years, but many questions remain open on their proper design, implementation and feasibility. We connect entrepreneurs from the European Economic Area with investors worldwide. Le crowdfunding permet ainsi de mobiliser l'épargne d'investisseurs particuliers pour investir au capital de jeunes entreprises innovantes. Crowdcube is the largest equity crowdfunding platform in Europe.

Crowdfunding by Country In 2017, ECN together with Osborne Clarke and the support from academics from the University of Brighton and University of Piraeus have delivered a key study “ Market and regulatory obstacles to cross-border development of crowdfunding in the EU ” which was published by DG FISMA of the European Commission. It is also much more transaction-specific and not homogeneous, compared to peer to peer lending for instance. A European Commission report, 'Crowdfunding: Mapping EU markets and events study', published in September 2015, studied the trends in the EU crowdfunding market during 2013 and 2014, for a variety of funding models including loans, equity and rewards. National Webinar: Collective Action Initiatives in energy transition, 16 June 2020, 10.00–13.00 (Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands) ECN supports crowdfunding for housing transition study with guidelines for implementation of a crowdfunding scheme for buildings retrofit

Although I don’t have detailed statistics at hand, it can be said that equity crowdfunding is substantially less represented than other types of crowdfunding. Equity … Qui est WiSEED ? It has more than 625,000 registered users that have invested more than 500 million British Pounds.