for yellow plantains - cut banana in half then in half again so u have 4 pieces. As the fruit ripens, its sweetness increases dramatically, while it maintains a wonderful tanginess. When the plantains are golden, flip them using a pair of tongs so they can fry on the other side and add another cube of cold butter and fry. hi Hilah, you can totally fry the dark spotted plantains. Fried plantains is a popular way to eat the banana in many parts of the world. To fry plantains: Wash and peel. Fried plantains – This is a sweet-savory dish which features thick slices of ripe plantains lightly salted and deep fried in oil till golden brown. ! Remove ends and cut into ½ inch to one inch pieces. Fry until the plantains begin to turn golden brown, then turn over, and continue frying, about 2 minutes per side. When the butter is melted, place the plantains slices into the skillet. Slice whole, unpeeled plantains in half lengthwise and grill cut-side-down, 15 minutes. We use oil, but sometimes butter if we want to be fatty and add extra flavor.
Sprinkle plantain with sugar and cinnamon.

The recipes using plantains are never ending, but my favorite way is still to simply pan fry them. This was a staple in my household growing up and now that I’m grown, it’s still a staple. When a plantain is anywhere from decidedly yellow to deeply black, you can still deep-fry …
heat a drop of oil in pan add plantains and then put white sugar on them - cover well on all sides and fry on all sides until you get a caramel looking crust on them! Butter-Fried Plantains. they’re going to be about the same texture as when you cut them in the outcome, but with slight browned sides that give it a lil crispy texture. Plantains are cooking bananas that are used both green and ripe. Green, they’re treated as a starchy, not-at-all-sweet, potato-like vegetable to boil or fry as chips. These are eaten on their own or can be served with butter, oil and salt, sprinkled with cheese, or served with avocado based dips, salsas or in place of potatoes or sweet potatoes in meals. Flip plantains and brush with butter and sprinkle with brown sugar, if desired. Caramelize ripe plantains to make maduros.. Photo by Laura Murray, food styling by Judy Mancini. They are so simple to make, yet no one will ever know how easy it really is! The result is a caramel-like brown crust which is savory sweet and a soft and very sweet interior. Add the last bit of butter and let the plantains fry until they are golden and nicely caramelized. All you will need is an extra ripe plantain and butter to have one of my favorite side dishes of all time. Continue to grill until tender, about 15 more minutes. Cooking dissipates mouth-drying tannins, which explains why plantains are rarely eaten raw. A good skillet helps because they tend to stick. Fry.