The frosting is a combination of sweet cream butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar, and orange zest.

This orange cake recipe calls for using cake flour. That’s important. En cuisine avec cette belle idée de recette de layer cake à l'orange.. La recette par Made in Cooking. Ultra-moist, buttery cakes are separated by generous layers of whipped orange buttercream.

To assemble cake: Trim tops of each cake off to form an even layer. You can completely cover the cake with frosting for a traditional cake or if you love the look of a naked cake, just do a nice “crumb coat” on the outside of the cake.
Layer cake à l'orange. This tender, flavorful orange layer cake is made with fresh orange juice and zest and is frosted with a tangy orange cream cheese icing.

How to make Fresh Orange Layer Cake: Sometimes people are a little intimidated to make a cake from scratch, but there is no need to be. This fluffy Orange Cake made with fresh orange juice and orange zest gives it that perfect amount of orange flavor.
You just need to make sure you use the proper ingredients. Put the second layer on top of the first and refrigerate the cake until the filling has chilled again and firmed up, about 15 min. When all the components are cool, put one cake layer on a cake stand Spread the orange curd over the cake to make a 1/4-inch layer. Buy the cake flour! A few years back, I inherited the task of making an orange cake for my dad’s birthday. This triple layer orange cake recipe is made from scratch and it tastes like it! Flavored with fresh orange, this old-fashioned cake is just right for any occasion from birthdays to boring days! Spread half of the chilled orange filling over 1 layer of the cake (crumb/top side up, drop in a large dollop and spread outward so it doesn't get all crumby), leaving about a 1/2-inch rim of cake uncoated (because once the other layers are added the weight will slightly push the filling outward).